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It could be the slimy black spots on the shower curtain, the fuzzy white patches on the basement floor, or that dreadful orange film that forms on the kitchen drain. Household mold is very unsightly. In some instances, mold has made some homeowners sick, especially those with allergies or asthma.

Every homeowner should tackle the mold problem as soon as they see it. It doesn't matter whether someone is allergic or not to mold; mold exposure has been known to irritate the eyes, skin, throat, nose, and lungs. This is why the moment you see the signs, contact a professional to carry out mold testing and determine the level of mold infestation in your home.

It is impossible to get rid of all the mold and mold spores in your home, especially if you do a DIY mold removal after your inspection. Just cleaning up the mold is not enough to make it go away. If you suspect that you could have mold in your home without visual confirmation, you will still need experts to confirm if mold exists through mold testing.

When To Call In The Experts

Here are situations that will require you to seek the services of professional mold inspection experts to check out your property:

  • An experience of allergic symptoms like stuffy head, headaches, runny nose, scratchy throat, and you aren't sure why this is happening.
  • You see something, and you think it is mold but are not sure it is.
  • Your home has a musty odor, but you don't see any mold.
  • You are directly involved in a real estate transaction and must establish whether the property in question has airborne mold levels or any mold infestation.
  • You are a tenant or landlord and must be sure where the premises have a mold problem.
  • You need a general assessment of the air quality of your home to make sure your family is breathing clean air at home.

We Are The Experts In Aspen Hill

We are a mold inspection service in Aspen Hill and offer mold inspection and testing. We are glad to help our customers ease their worries about mold, and our results are always unbiased and accurate. We are always enthusiastic about offering our customers inspection services for their properties for any hidden mold using the most effective professional methods. We carry out effective and quality mold testing for both the indoor and outdoors of a property.

With our experienced technicians, we are always available with our modern equipment and will do extensive inspections and test to analyze and determine the type of mold on your property. We will also determine how much of a potential health hazard it is to you and your family, which is why we carry out the air probe testing to determine the air quality in your home. Afterward, we then offer you a blueprint for remediation. This will allow you to make very informed decisions regarding mold remediation. We can still come back after remediation is complete and carry out a clearance testing to ensure that the mold was effectively removed from your property. As for us, we offer reliable mold testing and mold inspection services.

Mold Testing And Inspection

Mold inspection and testing are two different things. Mold inspection is a sort of investigation on the site to establish the presence of mold and determine the extent of the mold on the property.

On the other hand, mold testing is done in conjunction with mold inspection to confirm that there is mold. The mold sample is then tested to really determine if it is indeed mold and what type of mold it is. Not every mold worry needs a costly onsite investigation, but it is a grave mistake if you fail to hire a mold inspection expert when you need to.

As true inspection experts, we understand what a thorough building inspection is. We always need to establish a great understanding of how a building works, where the leaks are, and the kind of mold we have on our hands. All these factors are crucial in finding other hidden mold problems and offering specific solutions to them.

We understand that building inspections and testing for mold need to be extensive for effectiveness in offering a workable mold solution. As professionals, we leave no stone unturned and examine the entire structure inside and out. We take a closer look at its mechanical systems because partial mold inspections like partial mold remediation risk incurring the cost of repeating the whole process if it wasn't done correctly. We don't want any of our customers to go through such additional costs.

Forget about the at-home mold test kits peddled around the internet; those will not give you real results, especially when the mold is not visible.

Our Mold Inspection And Testing Approach

Our main aim is to assist you in understanding and ultimately correcting your mold problem. Since our services are limited to inspection and testing and never mold remediation, accuracy and valid assessment are assured. Here is how we go about it as professionals.

  • Establish where and why excess moisture is finding its way into your property.
  • Carry our air monitoring, surface sampling, and bulk sampling, then compare the results to normal background mold levels.
  • Single out the affected areas and find out the amount of mold.
  • Recommend the safest and affordable ways to get rid of the moisture and combat the mold problem.
  • Determine whether professional remediation is necessary.
  • We always send all the samples to accredited laboratories that American Industrial Hygiene Association has only accredited for reliable results.

What To Do When Your Home Tests Positive For Mold

When your home tests positive for mold, there is only one solution to ensure that you deal with the problems. In the same way, you have trusted professionals to carry out a mold inspection and testing, still trust the professionals to carry out effective remediation. Just ensure that you look for a professional who offers a warranty or guarantee.

For all homeowners who suspect mold presence in their homes and need to be sure and better understand the mold problem in their home, call us today at 301-476-1754 and book an appointment with us.

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