Rug Cleaning in Aspen Hill

What is the process of our rug cleaning?

We offer more than cleaning. You can count on us to provide wool rug cleaning, rug restoration, and an oriental rug cleaning. Let's see the process behind our area rug cleaning service.

  1. Pre-wash inspection

    Our methods will cover your rug on all bases. Whether that is regular stains, pet urine or feces stains, or just the worn-out look of your rug. After making your call you will be scheduled, for a check-up with our technician, who will do the pre-inspection, after which your rug can be cleaned on site or can be taken away for rug cleaning offsite with our pickup service.

  2. Cleaning process

    Your rug will go through various processes to be cleaned. The most important thing for you to know is, that this is going through all the needed steps to be brought to its former glory. Thorough steam cleaning, rinsing, drying, plus our efforts to get rid of even the most stubborn stains.

  3. Final inspection - wrapping for delivery or storage

    Each cleaning includes a final inspection. Our workers at Aspen Hill will meticulously go over and over again the process that leads to the finishing touches, ensuring that the best possible result has been achieved. Your now new and improved rug is ready to be shipped back to you.

What cleaning methods do we use at Aspen Hill cleaning services?

Our tested and proven methods are something that we are proud of. High-end equipment is used to ensure that all your flooded and stained rugs are in mint condition. Therefore, your rugs will be good as new after we are done with rug cleaning in Aspen Hill.

Our specialized technicians at our cleaning services always try to find new and innovative methods to clean your rugs. This is not always an easy task, but the feedback from our customers is something that boosts our confidence that we are doing the right thing.

Our methods range from shampoo cleaning, steam cleaning, and deep cleaning, which is one of, if not the best ways to get your rugs cleaned. The job will not only get perfectly done, but our experts will always carefully take you through the cleaning process itself.

The modernized deep rug cleaning process is something that we at Aspen Hill always try to work on and improve. We are satisfied with nothing less than perfect because that is something that we believe you deserve as one of our valued customers. Even the most difficult of stains stands no chance when surrounded by our team and a well-established culture of bringing our customers always what they want.

Why is choosing Tulip Rug Cleaning Aspen Hill your best choice?

A long history containing positive feedback and happy customers is what keeps us always moving in the right direction. Before any schedule, just give us a call at 301-476-1754, and you will be pleasantly surprised how things go on from there. Well-equipped, professional, and not to mention skilled, and well-trained experts will swiftly be at your doorstep ensuring the best rug cleaning.

The process of rug cleaning is pretty straightforward, and we are happy to handle all the details for you. After that, you will once again get a chance to enjoy your now freshly bathed, dried, dust, and germ-free rug. All thanks to our customer-oriented services, which never fails you, the customer.

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